64% of young South Africans
aged 15 – 24 years
are unemployed


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Why It Matters

Good education matters for all of us. Our youth are our future and we must prioritise their well-being and development.


We are transforming our schools so that children are excited about learning, and dare to dream again…

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You can help

Every child deserves a chance – help them get there by making a regular monthly donation, or a single donation, or by making a bequest. Donations in kind are also very welcome.

Enhanced learning makes school fun, safe, and exciting.

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KILT Childrens Supports Local Schools

Who we are

We are an organization of people passionate about the value of a good education. We support local schools in Knysna, South Africa, to enhance learning and teaching and to make school fun, safe, and exciting. We are reducing the number of children leaving school before completion. We believe that the entire school environment needs to be supported and so have developed a range of interconnected projects that improve all aspects of school life.

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KILT childrens learning projects

What we do

  • 18 Projects
  • 17 Schools
  • 13 300 Children
  • 450 Teachers

KILT runs 18 projects tailor-made to enhance the love of teaching and learning and to make school a great place to be while also addressing the wellbeing and psycho-social needs of the people involved. We embrace 17 schools, 15 of which are non-fee-paying, with around 13 300 children and 450 teachers. Our projects support the children, the teachers and the wider school setting.

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We believe that all children deserve the opportunity to have a good education that will enable them to live their dreams. Our goal is to ensure that every child in Knysna is equipped for work success, able to read with understanding and analyse critically.

How we do it

As a Non-Profit Company (NPC) we have partnered with a group of professionals and organisations who are specialists and experts in each of their fields to set up projects that address the identified needs in our schools. We have partnered with leaders within the schools in line with the Locally Driven, Network-Supported System model (LDNS).

Cape Talk

Empowering 13,500 Knysna Children

Sandy Ueckermann, KILT’s Managing Director and Nicholas Njozela, past principal of Percy Madala High School, share the remarkable journey of KILT and its life-changing impact on 13,500 of Knysna’s children on 567 Cape Talk. Listen to the full conversation on the Pippa Hudson show.

LDNS model

An essential element of the LDNS model is a small core team and system disruptors that serve as a catalyst. These catalysts serve as “idea holders” and “knowledge-exchange agents” who network with specific expertise to achieve a common goal. They hold collaborations and initiatives together to continuously move the entire body of “system changers” forward. They also work to empower their partners rather than exercising control themselves. We call this collective intelligence. The focus is on driving systems change — not through direct action but by helping create an environment where lasting change can happen.