School Management Projects

KILT School Management Projects

KILT is aligned to a Locally Driven, Network-Supported (LDNS) model where we collaborate and partner with the school leadership and work to empower them to address the issues, rather than exercising control ourselves.

Investing in our leaders is key to the transformation of our education system.

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Leadership Development

KILT leadership development project

The Leadership Development Project is a programme tailor-made to enhance professional management skills, clarify roles in teams, create self-awareness and foster strong professional relationships.   The course includes case studies, experiential learning, hands-on workshops and exposure to best-practice organisations.

Ultimately, this course aims to strengthen areas in which delegates can develop professionally and lead management teams effectively.

Afterschool Logistics Programme

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Trained co-ordinators will assist principals and managers to plan and co-ordinate afterschool events. Using short to long term forecasts for better co-ordination and logistics planning will ensure that all programmes run smoothly and are effective.

The schools will also benefit by ‘watching and learning’ how to co-ordinate multiple extra mural programmes successfully.