COVID-19 Support

KILT’s real heart was revealed at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic when we responded with agility and determination. Partnering with others, we addressed food scarcity for school children and families identified as needy.

Our Reach

6 035

6035 FOOD PARCELS delivered TO 24 000 PEOPLE


81 registered soup kitchens supplied with food

85 680

85 680KG of frozen chicken delivered to feeding schemes

685 360

685 360 meals provided through KILT

In addition, we did extraordinary work to support school safety when the children and staff returned to school. PPEs, sanitisers, erecting isolation pods, COVID-19 education for children and teachers, emotional support and counselling are examples of KILT’s work during the pandemic. These efforts are made possible by generous funding, visionary leadership, and a dedicated team.

KILT schools

KILT works with 13 primary schools and four high schools. 15 of these are no-fee government schools who service the poorest neighbourhoods. We have funded an additional 56 teachers and assistant teachers to reduce the teacher to learner ratio from 1:35 to 1:30. Our teacher support projects reach a total of 313 teachers and assistant teachers and we also fund assistant teachers’ studies as they work towards their teaching qualifications.



68% of Knysna educators participate in our teacher support projects.

Our Principals

Advocates for improved teaching and learning

The 17 Knysna principals work together to improve the quality of education in their schools by sharing information and enjoying mutual support.

Bracken Hill Primary Farm School

Denis Jantjies

Denis Jantjies Principal Bracken Hill Primary School


71 Learners • 1 Educators

4 KILT Funded Staff

Chris Nissen Primary School

Nozipho Myo

Chris Nissen Primary Principal Nozipho Myo


1044 Learners • 28 Educators

9 KILT Funded Staff

Concordia High School

Zamabuntu Blaai

Mr Zamabuntu Blaai Concordia High Principal


1071 Learners • 24 Educators

14 KILT Funded Staff

Concordia Primary School

Thinus Opperman

Concordia Primary Principal Thinus Opperman


977 Learners • 22 Educators

11 KILT Funded Staff

Fraaisig Primary School

Constance Stuurman

Fraaisig Primary School Principal Constance Stuurman


1317 Learners • 30 Educators

10 KILT Funded Staff

Hornlee Primary School

Michael Kleynhans

Hornlee Primary Principal Michael Kleynhans


931 Learners • 21 Educators

9 KILT Funded Staff

Karatara Primary School

Jury Louw

Karatara Primary School Principal Jury Louw


154 Learners • 7 Educators

2 KILT Funded Staff

Knysna High School

Mark Mosdell

Knysna High Principal Mark Mosdell


585 Learners • 16 Educators

Knysna Primary School

Ivor White

Knysna Primary School Principal Mr Ivor White


811 Learners • 22 Educators

Knysna Secondary School

Moses Gericke

Acting Principal

1602 Learners • 31 Educators

11 KILT Funded Staff

Redlands Primary Farm School

Edgar Adams

Redlands Primary School Principal Edgar Adams


53 Learners • 1 Educators

3 KILT Funded Staff

Percy Mdala High School

Nicholas Njozela

Percy Mdala High Principal Nicolas Njozela


1246 Learners • 28 Educators

11 KILT Funded Staff

Rheenendal Primary School

Sammy Williams

Rheenendal Primary Principal Sammy Williams


558 Learners • 24 Educators

8 KILT Funded Staff

Ruigtevlei Primary School

Elroy Heynes

Ruigtevlei Primary Farm School Principal Elroy Heynes


68 Learners • 2 Educators

3 KILT Funded Staff

Sedgefield Primary School

Harriet Heynes

Sedgefield Primary Principal Harriet Heynes


637 Learners • 15 Educators

9 KILT Funded Staff

Sunridge Primary School

Leon Solomons

Sunridge Primary School Principal Mr Leon Solomons


717 Learners • 18 Educators

8 KILT Funded Staff

Thembelitsha Primary School

Charmaine (Vuyeka) Maclean

Thembelitsha Primary School Acting Principal Charmaine (Vuyeka) Maclean


1397 Learners • 37 Educators

10 KILT Funded Staff