Teacher Focused Projects

KILT teacher focussed projects

Motivated teachers mean for more engaged children. KILT focuses on providing teachers with professional training and skills development as well as wellness support to assist them to manage stress and develop resilience.

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Additional Teachers

KILT sponsored posts for teachers and support staff continue to be the mainstay of our whole school approach. We’re seeing the benefits of smaller class sizes and more supervision in the Western Cape Education Department’s (WCED) systemic tests. We are delighted that six KILT-funded teachers were granted permanent positions in the WCED during 2021.

We’re working to reduce overcrowded classes, by increasing the number of teachers and teacher assistants. This has improved teaching quality, and helped to decrease absenteeism among children.

Assistant Teacher Study Support

The assistant teachers in sponsored posts are all studying towards a teaching qualification with KILT’s support in the study process and KILT assists them with their tuition costs.

Teacher Wellness

Ms Odelia Green Concordia High School HOD

Teacher Wellness includes the Diamond Teacher Programme and the Creative Wellbeing Teacher Programme.

Both programmes add value to the teaching experience, provide emotional support and a platform for personal growth, professional enrichment and positive engagement on common issues.

Some 78 teachers and teacher assistants across the 17 schools have registered for this unique project. In addition, this year, we started a Teacher Wellness Rural Programme to reach those teachers who live and work in rural areas. It serves ten rural teachers using a blended model of the two programmes.

Professional Teacher Development

This programme aims to inspire committed teachers who exhibit mastery, commitment, and are invested in diversity.

Highly qualified and experienced remedial specialists provide professional development to teachers through group workshops to generate a sustainable model of differentiated teaching and learning – an essential element given the current COVID-19 related stressors.

This programme proved to be very successful with Primary School teachers in 2021 and has expanded into High Schools in 2022.

Maths Fundamentals

Grade 6, 7 and 8

Maths Teacher Support Project

There are two arms of this project, one of which focuses on Grade 7 and Grade 8 teachers to manage expectations and the demands of high school mathematics.

Facilitation sessions for Grade 7 and Grade 8 mathematics teachers occur three times a year, and workshops to support Grade 7 teachers will be available throughout the year.

In addition, we support Grade 6 maths teachers working alongside the learner support in this project.

E-Learning Integration

Teachers ICT Training empowers teachers

We created the e-Learning Integration Project to promote sustainable e-Learning in under-resourced schools.

The aim is to create a holistic ICT (Information and Communications Technology) model by investing in school governance, teacher training and support,
learner skills development, and infrastructure. Our objective is to empower school leaders and teachers to adopt technology effectively in their classes while also allowing children to develop digital and technology skills.

The project has been rolled out in phases to ensure that all Knysna schools are ready to use the technology in teaching and learning.



2018 – Appointed roving ICT technicians for all 15 participating schools.


2019 – Equipped school IT labs with state-of-the-art hardware and software.


2019 – Convened a course on leadership for progressive change in education via e-learning integration.


2019/2020 – Appointed IT Lab Supervisors for each school lab and set up a remote help desk for all schools.


2020/2021 – The roll-out of interactive e-learning teacher development and access to e-learning for children in the core subjects took place.

2022 will consist of four major components that will help provide a new and innovative approach:

  1. The computer labs to act as a foundation to build a MOOC (Massive open Online Courses) approach
  2. A 5-star incentive system for ICT integration
  3. Teaching with Technology (TwT) for selected teachers
  4. Master training using ICT champions as facilitators

Vocational Focus Project

The Vocational Guidance programme: We’re assisting Life Orientation teachers with knowledge and skills, equipping them with insights on university open days, online applications, and even the ins and outs of NSFAS. On top of that, we’ve launched a Grade 12 mentoring system, where groups of three to four Grade 12 learners get a designated teacher to lean on when they need support. At KILT, we’re not just schooling – we’re helping to shape futures.