Child Focused Projects

KILT Child Focuses Projects

“Learning to read and reading to learn is vital to academic success…”

KILT Child Focused Projects Toc

Remedial and Accelerated Learning Support

KILT’s remedial and accelerated learning support is essential in opening the gateway to meaningful learning and mastery. We are also working towards establishing new libraries where space allows.

Experts agree that learning within the Foundation Phase is an essential building block to success later. Our partners have developed four targeted support structures to give the youngest children the best possible start to their school careers.


Targeted Support Structures

Grade R + 1

Mind Moves Programmes

This Reading Readiness Programme provides a structured, multi-sensory approach to developing pre-reading skills. The model stimulates the child’s auditory abilities before being exposed to the visual code and it also includes physical development, which engages the sensory-motor system for brain development. In addition to the enriched input, which remediates the lack of early stimulation experienced by the young children, an added benefit is the upskilling of teachers. This programme is available to all our primary schools in 2022.

Grade 1

Classroom Assistants (Afrikaans schools)

Grade 1 can be challenging, particularly as many children enter into Grade 1 without prior schooling and adequate preparation. However, training in phonics and numeracy programmes, with the help of classroom assistants, reduces the number of children who struggle as they move through the grades.

Grade 2


Grade 2 children are supported further with desk charts which we find very effective. Within the isiXhosa schools, a focused phonics-based programme for children in Grades 1 to 3 will ensure a solid foundation of literacy as they move to the Intermediate Phase, where English becomes the medium of instruction.

Phonics apps on tablets give great support along with oversight by a trained facilitator.

Grade 3

Reading with Comprehension

The initiative aims to help children enrich their vocabulary, strengthen their thinking skills, and increase reading fluency and comprehension. Skilled facilitators work intensively with the children and involve parents to provide the necessary support at home.

We found that children could achieve significant improvement in a short space of time which built their self-confidence and fostered a belief that they could do better. This project has been successful at nine primary schools in the greater Knysna area in 2021. We are including the farm schools in 2022.

Grade 4

Mind Moves Programmes

KILT also provides Grade 4 Classroom Assistants as teaching moves away from mother tongue as the language of instruction. Adding a trained facilitator in the classroom immediately reduces the teacher-to-learner ratio, improves discipline and engagement, and allows the teacher to teach more effectively.

The assistant’s help also enables struggling children to gain confidence and enjoy learning as a positive experience.

The Mind Moves Programme has been implemented in six schools and currently reaches 204 children

We have included two more schools in 2022.

We regard parents as an essential element in successfully implementing the Foundation Phase and Gr 4 programmes. We will be actively engaging them to ensure additional support and positive outcomes for their children.

Study Clubs

Study Club Participants with improved marks graph

Each school helps select keen children interested in their academics and self-development. The clubs run in 12 schools, and each school has 2 clubs and selects 30 children per club who gather in secure, well-resourced environments. They meet twice weekly for two-hour sessions with supervisors and volunteer mentors who help the children learn and study independently and effectively.

Everyone has embraced this programme as ground-breaking in its approach to creating an appreciation of learning. In 2021, 456 children participated in the Afterschool Study Club.


children participated

An impact study conducted in 2019 showed that there were significant improvements in several areas notwithstanding the hard COVID-19 lockdowns and lack of schooling.

Afterschool Sport

Sport is essential for developing young people, and recreational activities can help reduce school and community violence. Therefore, KILT has funded professional sports coaches to help each school to run school sports with appropriate equipment and facilities while also encouraging children to participate in regular league activities.

LEGO Robotics

KILT Lego robotics focus on STEM subjects

Our LEGO Robotics Project aims to promote science, technology, engineering and mathematics in high school children. Participants learn to apply mathematics, science, and technology concepts to a functioning robot. Working on these tasks inspires children’s natural curiosity and promotes critical thinking, team-building skills and creativity.

e-Learning and Coding


KILT runs after-school programmes for learners and community training on basic computer literacy, coding, virtual and augmented reality, and other digital skills.

The programmes included exposure to Digital Literacy, Scratch-Code and LEGO Robotics.

Psycho-Social Project

KILT Psycho Social Child Focuses Projects

This project aims to support children, their parents, and the teachers who work with the children needing specific assistance. This includes counselling, mentorship, nutritional health and eco-clubs, parenting and harms reduction programmes.

Our strategy strives to address the extensive psycho-social challenges and needs of children across all grades.

A dedicated team of highly qualified and experienced counsellors and specialists run related programmes:

  • Learner counselling and Wellbeing
  • Parent guidance and information
  • Mentorship through clubs and leadership courses