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KILT Child Focuses Projects

“Learning to read and reading to learn is vital to academic success…”

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Remedial And Learning Acceleration Project

KILT’s Remedial and Learning Acceleration Project plays a vital role in unlocking the path to meaningful learning and mastery.

We’ve introduced three focused support structures aimed at giving young children the strongest possible beginning to their school journey.

By offering specialized assistance during a child’s early schooling years, we lay down the essential building blocks for future success.

Experts agree that learning within the Foundation Phase is an essential building block to success later. Working with our partners, we have developed three targeted support structures to give the youngest children the best possible start to their school careers.


Targeted Support Structures

Grade 1

Remedial Support Programme (Afrikaans Schools)

Grade 1 can be challenging, particularly as many children enter into Grade 1 without adequate preparation and in some cases, any prior schooling.

Trained facilitators offer phonics and numeracy support which reduces the number of children who struggle as they move through the grades.

This programme reaches 210 children across 7 schools.

Grade 3

Reading with Comprehension Programme

This initiative is all about helping children expand their vocabulary, boost their cognitive skills, and become happy readers. Our experienced team works closely with small groups of children, while we also focus on getting parents on board to provide that crucial home support. We’ve even created excitement with reading sessions in the classroom, designed to ignite a genuine passion for reading and literacy.

We’ve seen some remarkable progress in a surprisingly short time period. Children gain major confidence and start believing in themselves. This remarkable programme has been making a difference in the greater Knysna region since 2018, touching the lives of 457 eager children across 10 schools.

Grade 4

Remedial Support Programme

KILT also provides skilled facilitators for grade 4 classes, which helps balance the teacher-to-learner ratio, improves discipline and engagement, and allows teachers to deliver even more effective lessons. In addition to classroom activities, we offer specialised phonics and numeracy support to those children who might need a bit more help, in small, focused groups. This approach works wonders, boosting confidence and making learning a positive experience for struggling children. At the moment, this programme is active in 8 schools, benefitting 248 young learners.

We hold parents in high regard as vital partners in the success of these three programmes. We’re taking an active approach to involve parents, ensuring additional support and positive outcomes for their children.

Study Clubs

Study Club Participants with improved marks graph

Each school handpicks eager children with a thirst for knowledge and personal growth. These clubs are up and running in 11 schools, each hosting 1 to 3 clubs. With a cap of 30 children per club, they meet in secure, well-equipped spaces. Twice a week, these bright minds gather for two-hour sessions led by supervisors, volunteer mentors, and a dedicated teacher. Their goal? To master the art of independent and effective studying.

This programme has been hailed as revolutionary in its approach to nurturing a genuine love for learning. In 2022, a whopping 784 children took part in Afterschool Study Clubs!


children participated

And here’s the real highlight: an impact study conducted recently, despite COVID-19 lockdowns and schooling challenges, revealed a whopping 90% of learners saw their academic performance improve!

Afterschool Sport

Sport plays a pivotal role in shaping young people, fostering their growth, and even curbing school and community violence.

That’s why KILT has stepped up by providing funds for skilled sports coaches. These pros ensure that school sports are not only well-organized with proper planning, equipment, and facilities, but they also inspire children to actively engage in ongoing league activities. It’s all about nurturing healthy competition and teamwork, while also creating a safe and vibrant environment.


learners picked for provincial and national teams

LEGO Robotics

KILT Lego robotics focus on STEM subjects

Our exciting LEGO Robotics Project is designed to ignite a passion for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics among high school children. Through this project, participants dive into the world of applying mathematical, scientific, and technological principles to bring a real-life robot to life. As they delve into these challenges, their innate curiosity is sparked, paving the way for enhanced critical thinking, team collaboration, and a burst of creative energy. It’s not just about building robots – it’s about building futures.

e-Learning and Coding


At KILT, we’re bringing the future to children through after-school programmes that focus on essential computer literacy, coding, and even exciting realms like Artificial Intelligence (AI) and virtual and augmented reality.

Our goal is to equip children and the community with crucial digital skills that are shaping today’s world. The programmes cover everything from Digital Literacy to Scratch-Code and LEGO Robotics, opening doors to a universe of possibilities.


Psycho-Social Project

KILT Psycho Social Child Focuses Projects

We’re here to support not only the kids, but also their parents and the dedicated teachers who guide them. Our all-encompassing project offers counselling, mentorship, nutritional health, eco-clubs, parenting workshops, and programmes for reducing harmful behaviours.

Our strategy tackles a wide range of psycho-social challenges across all grade levels.

Our team of seasoned experts, including highly qualified counselours and specialists, lead a range of programmes:

  • Learner counselling and wellbeing
  • Parent guidance and information
  • Mentorship through clubs and leadership courses

Vocational Focus Project

The Tertiary Launch Programme: This is a three-year journey that prepares high-achieving Grade 11 learners to embrace their first year in a science or business degree. Currently, our ranks boast 30 Grade 11’s, 30 Grade 12’s, and 7 post-matric standouts.

The Grade 11 and 12 youngsters get extra coaching in two STEM subjects, power-packed life skills training, and a focus on computer literacy know-how. And here’s the winner: we ensure each university-bound post-matric student gets paired with a mentor who’s in their second or third year, plus a dedicated KILT Mentor for that extra boost!