2024 Solar Lights Donation Drive

Solar Lights Donation Drive

Bring Light to Learning for Knysna's children!

Thousands of Knysna children live without electricity which means they can’t study after dark. Our initiative provides solar lights to Knysna’s most vulnerable kids, replacing harmful paraffin lamps and creating brighter futures where children can study safely after dark.

The solar lights will be given to Grade 11’s, 12’s and first year university students, who are part of KILT’s Tertiary Launch Programme.

Together we are making light work!

Here’s how you can make a difference

Option One: With your gift, you’re providing children with safe solar lights and thousands of additional study hours, ensuring a promising start to their academic year

R500 empowers 5 children

R300 empowers 3 children

R100 empowers 1 child


Option Two: Consider making a corporate donation, where your business can contribute to positively impact the lives of countless children

Option Three: Visit Kloppers and île de païn in Knysna to purchase our exclusive KILT shopping bags, with 100% of the proceeds going to KILT’s Solar Lights Drive


These small lights ignite big dreams!

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Please include the reference SolarLightsDrive

Direct Bank Deposits

Bank: Investec Bank Ltd
Beneficiary: Knysna Initiative for Learning and Teaching
Account No: 10012054321
Optional Tax Reference: Your name + SolarLightsDrive

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