Celebrating Educational Excellence

Celebrating Educational Excellence in Knysna

Honouring the schools who strive for educational excellence because it matters to our children.

In the renowned setting of Simola Hotel, overlooking Knysna, an important event showcasing educational excellence unfolded.

One hundred attendees joined for the annual event, which pays tribute to the KILT-partnered educators and schools who consistently go above and beyond, because it matters, to themselves and to Knysna’s children.

The occasion brought together a locally driven network that makes KILT a driving force in the realm of education, from principals and teachers to special guests like Jewel Jonkers, WCED Director of the Eden and Central Karoo District, Suzette De Villiers, Circuit 4 Manager, Gill Marcus, Chairperson of the KILT board, fellow board members and the extended KILT project teams.

“I would like to see the work you are doing at KILT being embedded in what we are doing at the WCED …a coming together …to get our learners to the next level …We are here to take hands and make our schools centres of choice …other people will look at this area, and these principals and say something is happening over there …we want to be a part of that. With the help of KILT …and the people that you gather …nothing is impossible.” Mr Jewel Jonkers, WCED Director of the Eden and Central Karoo District.

KILT’s collaborative model thrives on network support

The Excellence Awards highlights individuals and schools that embody partnership and dedication. These ‘system changers’ show extraordinary commitment to transformation, shaping schools into hubs of excellence through learning and leading with heart.

Simply the best point!

Additionally, the event launched the much anticipated KILT Participation Points System. Imagine a world in which Knysna’s children eagerly engage in afterschool activities and its teachers are superheroes of extramural engagement. With the launch of KILT’s Points System, we are turning the afterschool space into an exciting points arena for commitment, and rewarding those who lead the way.

Schools earn points for partnering with us and taking ownership of KILT-initiated programmes in the afternoons. Points can be earned by teachers engaging in these programmes, learners showing commitment, and sessions being held as often as possible. The Points System feeds into the annual KILT Excellence Awards where leading schools will be honoured for their commitment to our children.

The Points System is not just about points – it’s about building a thriving community of learners, teachers, and leaders!


A Transformative Tale: The Impact of Dedicated Stewards

Amidst applause, the ceremony closed with a moving story – that of a young woman whose life trajectory shifted due to the support of KILT and the caring teachers at Percy Mdala High School. Her journey illustrates the immense influence educators wield in shaping young lives, underscoring the significance of going the extra mile.

We extend heartfelt gratitude to Knysna’s educators and the extended KILT family for their unwavering dedication. This marked another milestone on KILT’s journey towards equality and excellence in education.

Pictures from the event

Afternoon participation educators for excellence
Afterschool study club educational excellence award
Growing Families excellent educators award
High School sports excellence Award
Primary School sport excellence award
Teacher of the year award
celebrating teaching excellence
educator for excellence
educators for excellence
best teacher award
best teacher
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education excellence
educational excellence
Excellent educator
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Western Cape Education Excellence
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