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Implementation of KILT’s initiatives is backed by the principals, assisted by volunteers and supported by donor funding.

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Special projects

Safety and security

Crime in Knysna and the rise of violence and gangsterism pose a serious threat to learners and educators. Security, accordingly, has become a priority in all schools, more so with the ongoing installation of e-learning technology.

Following an evaluation of their administration blocks and IT labs, schools have received security upgrades to secure new e-learning resources.

KILT piloted the introduction of visible safety patrols at Percy Mdala High School in 2018 with the introduction of safety officers. We believe that visible safety patrols is the best defence, and currently provide funding for stationing 18 safety officers at schools at greatest risk.

As a result, incidents of fighting have been reduced, as have fence-jumping, vandalism and bunking of classes.

Mr Leon Solomons (Custom)2

“The extra safety officers allow teachers and learners to feel safe, while crime on the school premises has decreased greatly.”

Leon Solomons, Principal, Sunridge Primary School