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How you can get involved...

Generating funds is a primary function of the KILT Board. Certainty of funding enables us to plan better. Board members continuously work to grow our donor base and so ensure the organisation’s long-term sustainability.

Where the money goes...

Leadership projects
Teachers' support projects
Learners' support projects
Special projects
Operations, Events and Communication
Monitoring & Evaluation

How you can help

Make a donation

  • Join Friends of KILT by making a donation.
  • Fund a teacher, an assistant teacher, a sports coach, or a remedial teacher.
  • Contribute to the purchase of sports kit and equipment.
  • Enable choirs and sports teams to participate in competitions.
  • Support school outings, events and activities.

Become a volunteer

  • Support teachers in the Diamond Teachers’ Master Classes.
  • Assist in sporting activities.
  • Supervise after-school study clubs.
  • Lead foundation phase (Grades 1 to 3) reading groups.
  • Support a school.

Get in touch with us to find out more about our projects and how you can get involved. Contact

“The parlous state of most education in South Africa makes a remedy an urgent concern. Experience in the support of educational institutions has shown vision to be the vital ingredient; what needs to be changed and how.

“KILT is a new, different and comprehensive effort; a magical combination of competent people setting about worthwhile projects.

The more we understand about this project the more excited and hopeful we become. Indeed, we feel honoured to be part of KILT.

“We believe it will be successful and may indeed become a model of what needs to be done in South Africa as a whole. What better project could there be?”

Robin Hamilton, KILT donor

“We were keen to get involved with a social project in support of young people in Knysna. The KILT master plan and its portfolio of activities ‘hit the nail on the head’. We had found a professional education programme that immediately gained our full support – and trust!

“We decided to sponsor Brackenhill, “our little primary farm school”, so as to help develop skills. Our interactions with teachers and the children are thrilling and inspiring at the same time. We are glad to share their dream to excel.”

Angelika and Peter Heucke, KILT sponsor and donor