Implementation of KILT’s initiatives is backed by the principals, assisted by volunteers and supported by donor funding.

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e-Learning integration

KILT is supporting the e-learning strategy of the Western Cape Education Department (WCED), which is regarded as a “game changer” for the province.

Our focus is on ensuring that teachers are ready and prepared to incorporate e-learning in their curricula. We are directing our efforts to the learning that takes place, and not on the equipment and tools themselves.

The e-learning project is being rolled out in five phases:

  • Phase 1: A roving ICT technician for all 17 participating schools was appointed in March 2018.
  • Phase 2: Equipping the schools’ IT labs and administration with internet access and the necessary software has been completed, although a reliable internet service remains challenging.
  • Phase 3: A change leadership course for e-learning integration has been rolled out by SchoolNet.
  • Phase 4: Security upgrades have been carried out for the IT labs, administrative blocks and classrooms where e-learning technology is being installed.
  • Phase 5: The roll-out of interactive e-learning training for teachers and access to e-learning for learners in the core subjects of language, maths and science in all schools is continuing throughout 2019.

We have appointed a project leader to ensure e-learning is integrated into curriculum delivery and that all Knysna schools are prepared to follow the programme.

1 Mr Sammy Williams (2) (Custom)

“We are already in the process of re-establishing a computer room at our school. The IT support that we get from KILT has helped us tremendously in making this a reality.”

Sammy Williams, Principal, Rheenendal Primary School