Implementation of KILT’s initiatives is backed by the principals, assisted by volunteers and supported by donor funding.

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Diamond Teachers’ Programme

Launched by KILT with 22 teachers from six schools, the Diamond Teachers’ Programme focuses on professional development.

The first tranche of entrants completed their year in mid-2019. At the same time new candidates from other KILT schools began their first year. In this way, a constant flow of “master teachers” is created.

Across the schools, groups of participants meet monthly with a facilitator in communities of practice (CoPs), where they discuss new educational trends and review case studies. These interactive groups also give them time to reflect on their current abilities and where they would like to improve.

Teachers focus on the “soft skills” needed to advance in a digital world – communication, collaboration, creativity and critical thinking – as identified by the World Economic Forum. They have the opportunity to role-play newly acquired skills such as motivational interviewing and barriers to learning – abilities that impact on their personal and professional lives.

On graduation, Diamond Teachers are able to integrate what they have learned into their classrooms and set up communities of practice with like-minded teachers who share their passion.

They will help ensure that the curriculum is delivered with vibrant and stimulating lessons. In this way, they are expected to become a cornerstone of schools of excellence that parents will want their children to attend.

“What emerged for me was not how many years of service we had … but how many times we were prepared to stop, recalibrate and face the battle head-on, yet with skills of subtlety and grace, gratitude and respect for ourselves and for others. Most importantly on this course I learned to teach from the heart, always, always from the heart.”

Devika Naik, Grade 4 teacher, Fraaisig Primary School