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COVID-19 Response Projects

In the era of COVID-19, KILT, using government educational guidelines and directives, has provided:

The KILT Board has launched a dedicated KILT COVID-19 School recovery Support Fund for:

  1. PPEs: KILT has augmented its 17 participating schools with PPEs and hygiene products and systems. We are also installing isolation pods at over-crowded schools as part of the safer schools initiative.
  2. COVID-19 Health and Safety monitoring and support: KILT has been instrumental in developing a programme for teachers for healthy and safety protocols, as well as an appropriate learner programme. These are constantly being reinforced and monitored by a dedicated KILT team.
  3. Ongoing additional Psycho-social support (PSS) for teachers, families and the community, offering on-site counselling and support for staff and management who are back at school.



KILT needs funding partners to support these Next Step initiatives as we address the ‘new normal’. The partnerships, policies and practices that we forge now will determine our future, as a community and as a country.