Implementation of KILT’s initiatives is backed by the principals, assisted by volunteers and supported by donor funding.

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After-school study club

The after-school study club – Grade 4 to Grade 12 – is a programme for 30 selected learners at each school who show exceptional potential for academic and personal development.

At twice-weekly two-hour sessions in a secure, well-resourced environment, facilitators and volunteers help children learn and study more independently and effectively. Youth for Christ took on this huge task and successfully managed the programme in 2018.

The Western Cape Education Department, principals, teachers and learners have embraced this programme as ground-breaking in its approach to creating cohesion and a culture of study. In the short time that the study club has been active, most of the participating learners have attended more than 80% of the sessions.

The same cohort of learners will progress through the programme year-on-year with the focus on improved concentration, peer interaction, communication, life skills and personal development. Additional participants will be drawn from new entrants into Grade 4, or when current learners show potential and commitment to join the study club.

In 2019 KILT launched a targeted Grade 7 and Grade 8 after-school study club that focuses on the preparedness of children with exceptional potential for high school.

Much of the gang activity and delinquency at high school involves Grade 8 learners, who appear to be the most susceptible to peer pressure at this stage. Moreover, Grade 8 provincial academic testing indicates a disturbing lack of readiness among these children for high school – both academically and emotionally. This is particularly alarming since this significant transition year will, in large measure, determine what happens to a child for the rest of his/her school life.

Mr Siyabulela Lukwe (Custom)

“The level of interest in the after-school study club has been exciting to see. Learners really see value in being members of the club, and this has impacted on their performance. These learners have grown and shown more maturity. They have been exemplary in their academic improvement and general conduct.”

Siyabulela Lukwe, Principal, Thembelitsha Primary School