Why Knysna Needs Kilt

Why Knysna needs KILT

More than 50% of South African learners drop out of school before Grade 12, and an estimated 80% of Grade 8 learners cannot read at the required level. Pupil disengagement at an increasingly early age is at an all-time high.

A poor education excludes young people from opportunities because it impacts negatively on the individual's potential, ability to earn a livelihood, and sense of self-worth. These deficits often persist over generations.

According to a 2015 Organisation for Economic Co-operation and

Development report, if all 15-year-olds achieved a basic level of education, South Africa could increase its economic growth by 2 624% over the lifetime of these learners.

This kind of growth is first and foremost dependent on good quality basic education, particularly in the foundation phase. Clearly, South Africa’s basic education holds the key to the well-being of our children, the health of our economy and the all-round prosperity of our nation.