Long term approach

KILT’s long-term systemic approach

There are no short cuts to building a solid educational foundation. Helping schools to help themselves requires purpose, determination, and a passion to make a difference to the future of our children and society. It needs a cohesive approach to programmes, finance, and human resources.

Each tier of the school structure needs to be supported in an integrated way from the outset. We have identified the touch points and critical gaps in each part of the system. This is about things not being done often enough, not being done well, and things not being done at all.

Rather than reinvent the wheel, KILT identifies specific support requirements that can be outsourced to reputable organisations and individuals with local knowledge and a track record in their field.

KILT always retains overall oversight and management of the programme.

This allows the schools to focus on mobilising their people and enhancing their processes without having to project-manage new programmes.

As funding permits, KILT puts key support structures in place each year. Some of our investments are school-specific, but most will be joint projects to prepare for further initiatives into 2019-2021.

Ideally, a 20-year timeline should be in place, from pre-school through primary school, high school and tertiary tuition, with consistent support for all-round education over the entire period, and with a particular emphasis on pre-school and foundation phase learning.