After school study clubs

Even with other interventions in place, external learner support is needed. School children live in under-resourced communities where extra-curricular interventions face significant obstacles, further impeding teachers' success in the classroom.

KILT has initiated on site after-school supervised homework programmes as the most effective way to enhance knowledge and skills. This is aligned with Western Cape Education Department policy, which regards it as a Game Changer strategy.

The After-School Study Club runs twice a week for two hours at each school. It provides a safe space for 30 children across all grades, chosen for the potential to improve their academic performance and overall development. Each class is overseen by a teacher, supervisor and mentor.

This programme will serve as the foundation of ongoing numeracy and maths support, planned as an intensive programme in 2019. Once schools are able to introduce e-learning, this will further enhance maths and language tuition.

In time, the schools will take over the management of the After-School Study Clubs. Provision of reliable and safe transport, however, remains a critical challenge.