Steinhoff International – staying the course as a KILT donor

Any initiative that has the objective of addressing the educational system as a whole requires substantial funding. KILT therefore needs an anchor funder to enable substantive, consistent support. A number of large corporates were approached, and Steinhoff International responded.

Steinhoff executives demonstrated unequivocal support and commitment. A memorandum of understanding sealed a five-year commitment to a maximum of R15 million per annum, for a total of R75 million from 1 May 2017. Steinhoff nominated Chris Grové to the Board, and he is a diligent Board member and active participant in the work of KILT.

Notwithstanding the enormous challenges currently facing Steinhoff, the company’s interim Board has reconfirmed its full support for KILT, over the agreed five years, recognising the life-changing impact on the 12 500 children benefiting from the programme.

Unfortunately, Steinhoff’s annual funding has been reduced for the time being. Current funding allows KILT to maintain its baseline projects, in particular support for School Governing Body teachers and the introduction of master-class teacher training, homework supervision after school and upkeep of ablution facilities.

KILT will continue to source additional funding to ensure it has the resources to implement the all-round educational initiative as planned.