Outreach Programmes

A major challenge that all the schools face is the lack of involvement of parents in the education of their children and how the schools are functioning. To build a safer and more involved learning and living environment, the schools can form the nucleus of an outreach programme. This is extremely important as what happens at home impacts on the learning, motivation and well-being of the learner. The objectives would be to:

  • Build feelings of worth in young people
  • Understand how to discipline and resolve conflict without violence
  • Raise and encourage more confident children who do better at school,
  • Develop an awareness of alternate points of view between family members or stakeholders in the education system,
  • Feel less helpless as unemployed, semi-trained or illiterate family members.
  • Participate more in school and community life
  • Limit conflict and violence as a barrier to learning and teaching and reduce abuse
  • Encourage a change in the attitudes and expertise of participants 

Initiating such an outreach programme should start with specific groups of principals and teachers. Once this has been consolidated, it could expand to targeted youth groups, as well as those who come into frequent contact with them. These are parents, grandparents, principals, teachers, community leaders, school governing bodies (SGB’s), NGO personnel, police, care-givers, students and crèche practitioners.