Leadership support

Leadership support

KILT’s leadership initiatives enhance the skills of the schools’ management to enable them to run their schools effectively and develop a culture of excellence and innovation.

Leadership and management training
The Gordon Institute of Business Science (GIBS) provides a 10-month leadership and management-training programme for principals and deputies, which started in April 2018.

Delegates attend blocks of lectures with GIBS tutors three times a year. A dedicated coaching team drawn from local expertise is in place to assist principals and deputies in their leadership and management functions throughout the school year.

Change leadership for technology integration
KILT funds intensive change management training for information and communications technology (ICT) leading to each school having a comprehensive ‘living’ ICT policy and a champion to lead the programme. This is designed to ensure sustainability.

The course for school management teams takes place over seven months in three blocks. It focuses on the key principles of change leadership and effective implementation, including capacity building, facing challenges, and building a culture of ownership of the e-learning vision.

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