Ongoing monitoring and assessment allows KILT to evaluate what is working best, what needs to be improved or what is not succeeding and why.

KILT has six key learner and teacher performance indicators driving this process:

  • Learner progress
  • Learner absenteeism rates
  • Provincial and KILT specific bench-marking for test performance
  • Sports participation
  • Participation in extramural activities
  • Teacher professional development.

Based on a five-month audit, evaluation and consultation process, KILT collected baseline statistics for 2016 and 2017, and is tracking these into 2018 so as to create relevant and tangible performance indicators over the next four years.

Basic reporting processes, including a trimester principal report system, have created a sound monitoring and evaluation tool.

KILT continues to work very closely with the Western Cape Education Department on its proposed plans and budgets for the KILT schools, as well as with other civic organisations on their initiatives.