Hornlee Primary School

Hornlee Primary School – new energy

As it gears up to celebrate its 40th anniversary, Hornlee Primary is reaping the benefit of the energy and creative ideas of its new principal and four KILT teachers.

Principal Michael Kleynhans joined the school in 2017, where he found that large classes resulted in teachers spending a lot of time on crowd management. When four KILT teachers were appointed, it became possible to split classes into a more manageable 32-40 learners. This made it easier for the teachers to maintain discipline and manage interaction with the children, as well as meet targets set by the Western Cape Education Department.

“There is less crowd management and more quality teaching,” says Kleynhans. “This is particularly important from Grade R to Grade 3, since you need to build from this foundation phase for the children to have a better chance of succeeding.”

“The children come from different backgrounds and they learn differently.”

“Only 50% do homework supported by their parents. Most parents can't afford to come to school and lose working time, so the school plays a large role in the community.”

Problems such as absenteeism and lack of transport remain issues, with some children walking four or five kilometres to and from school each day, often crossing the busy N2 highway. At school, they are served a meal with vegetables grown in the school garden, watered from a rain-water tank repaired by KILT.

“All KILT teachers and supervisors are fully integrated as part of the staff,” says Kleynhans. “We have bright, young, vibrant teachers who are enthusiastic and passionate and hard working. Many have taken on leadership roles in class as well as extramural activities such as fund-raising and committee work. They have brought new ideas and new energy to the school and are involved in preparing for our 40th anniversary in 2018.”