Creating Magic

Creating magic

A view from Suzette de Villiers, Circuit 4 Manager, Western Cape Education Department

While learners are our point of departure, teachers are our most important resource. It is through them that we strive to provide excellent education for every child in every school.

KILT has recognised this and, by building a strong partnership with the Western Cape Education Department (WCED), KILT has assisted the schools in the greater Knysna area with support where it really makes a difference.

No small plans exist in KILT’s vocabulary; yet this does not mean that small actions do not make a difference. The powerful way in which each action is driven releases a positive energy that stimulates every interaction, incrementally growing the positive results of the various partnerships. It can unequivocally be stated that the KILT plan is no small plan indeed.

When schools, and specifically principals, buy into a project, the success of such an initiative is guaranteed.


It is this special bond among the principals in the Knysna schools, and the support given by KILT, that creates the magic.

The carefully negotiated support rendered to the schools has empowered the educators as the true resource of the school, leaving them feeling worthy and strengthened.

Now, with the assistance of KILT, additional emphasis will be placed on Game Changers such as e-learning. This will not only strengthen the individual schools but will have a ripple effect that will impact on all the schools in our area. By working together, we can achieve our goal to provide the best quality education for all our learners and equip them with the skills needed in the 21st century to make a meaningful difference both in society and in their own lives.