Infrastructure and ad hoc projects

KILT addresses infrastructure and ad hoc projects as the need arises.

Information and communications technology (ICT)
The Western Cape Education Department is rolling out a Smart Schools project as one of its ‘Game Changer’ strategies. However, the province is struggling to reach all schools.

During 2017, KILT and the department’s ICT team discussed e-learning connectivity, policies and technical support with all Knysna schools and principals.

Once funding is secured, KILT’s strategy is to implement one e-learning interactive mobile kit per grade from Grade 2–7 and one per subject for high schools, by way of five secure mobile interactive classrooms. This will create a platform for expansion of the e-learning rollout into 2019 and beyond.

Ablution facilities
As part of KILT’s initial needs assessment, an expert team visited 13 schools to assess ablution facilities. They were in a deplorable condition: filthy, unhygienic, covered in graffiti and ingrained dirt. The pipes, toilets and doors were broken in many instances, and a number of facilities had ongoing water and sewerage leakages.

Funding was secured for a comprehensive upgrade of the facilities. This was completed at the end of October 2017 using local artisans. Attention was also paid to critical safety and security requirements. A number of hazardous issues were addressed – gas-tank storage cages, strengthening of walls, and purchase of containers as storage facilities.

To ensure that the facilities are properly maintained, and to assist with improved security, KILT provides an allowance to schools to fund School Governing Body (SGB) positions for cleaning supervisors, security officers and administrative support staff.

“On behalf of our SGB, staff and learners of Hornlee Primary School we wish to express our gratitude and appreciation towards KILT, its Board and the contractor for the upgrades in 2017 towards our ablution facilities as well as providing funding for two supervisors. Our learners really show their appreciation and treat the supervisors with respect.”
Michael Kleynhans, Principal, Hornlee Primary School

Fire relief, June 2017
In June 2017, a combination of drought, high temperatures, tinder-dry conditions and gale-force winds saw Knysna and its environs devastated by raging fires that took days to extinguish. Nine lives were tragically lost, hundreds lost their homes and all their belongings, thousands were evacuated.

People from all walks of life opened their doors and their hearts to provide support – food, clothing, water, shelter and comfort. KILT received generous support, enabling it to respond quickly and provide for school children through the schools themselves.

Some 224 children whose families lost everything in the fire each received a new pair of shoes from Tekkie Town, and school uniforms and essential clothing from PEP/Rotary. Life Healthcare provided health kits for 12 500 learners and staff in the 13 schools at that time within the KILT initiative. Kloppers Knysna provided storage and transport, and helped manage the distribution of goods received.

KILT’s ability, not only to provide some support to the children who lost everything in the fire, but also to donate a winter scarf and beanie to the 12 500 children, their teachers and administration staff, made a huge impact. Everyone felt that their traumatic experience of the fire, directly or indirectly, was recognised and that each child mattered.

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