As part of KILT’s initial needs assessment, an expert team visited 13 schools to assess ablution facilities. They were in a deplorable condition: filthy, unhygienic, covered in graffiti and ingrained dirt. The pipes, toilets and doors were broken in many instances, and a number of facilities had ongoing water and sewerage leakages.

Funding was secured for a comprehensive upgrade of the facilities. This was completed at the end of October 2017 using local artisans. Attention was also paid to critical safety and security requirements. A number of hazardous issues were addressed – gas-tank storage cages, strengthening of walls, and purchase of containers as storage facilities.
To ensure that the facilities are properly maintained, and to assist with improved security, KILT provides an allowance to schools to fund School Governing Body (SGB) positions for cleaning supervisors, security officers and administrative support staff.
“On behalf of our SGB, staff and learners of Hornlee Primary School we wish to express our gratitude and appreciation towards KILT, its Board and the contractor for the upgrades in 2017 towards our ablution facilities as well as providing funding for two supervisors. Our learners really show their appreciation and treat the supervisors with respect.”
Michael Kleynhans, Principal, Hornlee Primary School

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